10 September, 2011

Sorry for the long gap, I'm back because...

I fell of a cycle rickshaw, tore the posterior cruciate ligament of my right leg and have been confined to bed for 3 weeks.

This happened yesterday, on the auspicious day of Thiruvonam. Got off the metro, hopped on to a rickety rickshaw instead of opting to walk (bad decision) to reach home early and in time for the Onam Sadhya that my mom-in-law had been preparing since morning.
I know, I know..Onam Sadhya is technically supposed to be had at lunch, but then Onam is not exactly a public holiday in Delhi you see.

So then were was I? Right, jerking along on that damned rickshaw. I have a strong hunch that the rickshaw –wallah was on dope that day. How he failed to see the open side-flap of that omnipresent low-floor green bus, I can’t begin to comprehend. Before I knew it, I was flying out of the rickshaw, clutching my laptop bag and then the law of gravity took over. And since this gravitational force is directly proportional to mass (something that I’m abundantly blessed with, Praise the Lord!), need I add that the fall was ..umm..successful.

Long story cut short: my leg’s in a bright blue, pretty cast. I’ve been ordered to rest for 3 weeks. The possibilities of me getting thrown out from work are quite high. I have a lot of time to kill.

That is why I’m back.

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