23 January, 2011

A Heady Romance

A chance meeting, a heady romance

A risky business, a slow dance

That is all she wanted

That is all he promised

She flitted around

His charms he turned on

She agonized over the consequences

He burnt them into oblivion with his passionate gaze

A few close, clandestine encounters

Oh the brilliance of them all left her dazzled

But she realized the lurking danger

He was after all a stranger

He did not flicker, he did not blink

His intensity and fervor did not let her think

She drew closer as if in a trance

A risky business, a slow dance.

But oh she forgot like Icarus had

Fire was the sun, his wings were wax

Her wings, they crackled in the heat of his flame

She burnt up, she burnt out, she called out his name

Oh a fool she was she never saw through his game

Who does she have, but herself to blame?

Why does a moth get attracted to fire?

Is it how nature planned it

Is it just plain desire

Attraction you would not call this

Them the science people they call it phototaxis

Oh but she wanted it

And he promised it

A chance meeting, a heady romance

A risky business, a slow dance

Silly moths, they’ll never learn

It is almost as if they love to burn

For them this adage would never apply

“Once burned, twice shy”.

The Shoulder

There’s Jill who shoots the bull with me

There’s Jack who pulls my hair

There’s Kim who always cracks up with me

There’s Tom who never plays it fair

Sam always makes fun of me

Beth’s my teddy bear

Sharon paints and sings with me

And Lucy’s always got gossip to share.

But when tears need to flow and the soul needs mending

When hip-hop irritates and I’d rather hear something heart rending

When the mind is blank and the stomach’s got this sinking feeling

When I’m not proud of myself and secrets need revealing

Then there is a confessional I run to

Then there is a sanctuary

With him I have a moment to hang on to

I am twelve again, writing my secret diary.

The shoulder is my anchorage

My oasis in a parched land

The shoulder is my ivory tower

On top I feel safe again

The shoulder has got great power

It lifts my mood, purges my guilt

The shoulder is Sanctum Sanctorum

For once I feel immaculate.

You have taught me to come out wiser and bolder

You make me believe in me

You have been, you are, you will be The Shoulder

You are the best part of me.