13 March, 2012

How to keep a wife happy.

Like a typical wife, I asked my husband, B a typical question on a typical day of our typically married life.

"Why do you love me & why did you marry me?"

Ok, I asked him two questions, not one.

Let me tell you here, that B, the husband has had this question thrown at him in various manners & on various occasions; at different times of the day, in various tones & moods of his capricious wife.
And B is smart enough to understand that this is no simple question which has a standard answer; his wife expects a different & deep answer every time.

Every answer should be in sync with the events of that particular day & should in fact, be a response to a kind act of love that his wife might have done for him.

So when I asked him "Why do you love me & why did you marry me?", he said without missing a beat, “I don’t know”.

“I don’t know why I love you. And it’s good that I don’t know. For if I knew the reasons & if some day those reasons cease to exist, then so might my love. So it’s good that I don’t know the reason.”

And he finished this off with his typical satisfactory, self-congratulatory head-nod and I knew what he was thinking.

“B, you are a genius. For you have discovered an answer that will fit every occasion, time & mood of your adorably irritating wife. An answer that will not invite any further prodding from her, for she would be caught up in the romance & the awww-someness of it”.

And this is how he keeps me happy. The husband.


  1. ROFL!!!

    Nice answer for every husband :)

  2. You betcha! These men are catching up with us in the smartness department :|

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you :) Keep visiting the blog. Look forward to your feedback :)

  4. smart... this is gonna be really useful in the future for me .. hehehe :)

    1. Hahaha :) You use that with your wife/girlfriend & i'm sure she'd be smart enough to figure it out ;)

  5. I loove that he looves you for undescribable reasons... I'm in love with love now!