01 June, 2011

Man & Wife !

I know, I know. I havn't really written anything since January. But I have reasons! And they're good!
Ok..hold your breath! I got ..MARRIED in February and since then life has been a roller-coaster ride for me.
Have been too busy snogging and hogging to pay any attention to blogging.
But I am back. I am back for good.
Partly because the snogging has lost its initial frenzied desperation (we're humans..jeez!).
And the hogging, well, has been decided to be replaced by jogging. I need to lose weight and get back in shape. Fast!
So while i try to de-clutter my happily messy life, I will keep scribbling my random, disorganised, cluttered thoughts!

P.S: yes, that IS my husband and me.

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